In 2021, the folk metalers from MANNTRA captured the hearts of the metal community and the press with two albums. In spring, the smash hit album “Monster Mind Consuming” was released, which became a milestone in the band’s history with the catchy tunes “Ori Ori” and “Heathens”. Only half a year later, the exceptional artists followed up with the “Nightcall EP”.

On 12th August 2022, they unleashed the next musical beast with their brand-new album “Kreatura”, ready to hit the charts and the big stages.

When you hear the album “Kreatura”, you know immediately, this is MANNTRA! The combination of brachial metal riffs, hard industrial sounds and traditional folk instruments is mastered by the band like no other – because there is none. MANNTRA are unique!

“Kreatura” is the third album of the Croats, on which they (mainly) use the English language.

Musically, there are a few surprises on the cd. Strong choirs give the songs an unexpected power and drama, while the distinctive voice of mastermind Marko M. Sekul tells the stories of the songs as if you were experiencing them. Mysterious, mystical and spooky.

On their new album, the four musicians again show a whole new facet of their skills. For the first time, there are three songs on the album with partly German lyrics. MANNTRA skillfully play with different languages and use them perfectly to the story of the individual song.

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